Disclaimer: Elijah Place uses Art as a creative expression, and at this moment is not a certified “Art Therapy” location. Elijah Place uses art as a way for children with special needs to express themselves; based on the proven benefits of art therapy. 

Art has been shown to be beneficial for many people; not just people with disabilities. However, it offers a unique perspective and opportunity for those with disabilities to express themselves creatively and in a different way.

Art can be an effective way to communicate. Neurological differences in the brain’s wiring of persons with disabilities can interfere with learning basic skills such as reading and writing as well as advanced skills of organization, time management and memory. Art therapy can function as psychotherapy exploring options for the mind and serve as a means to communicate thoughts and feeling that cannot be conveyed verbally. (Source: Art of Autism)

In particular, those on the autism spectrum can benefit from creating art. There have been numerous studies done and art therapy is proving to be extremely beneficial, especially when introduced while these children are young. For more information, a good starting place is here, at the Art of Autism institution.

Art therapy has also been studied as a benefit for those learning disabilities, eating disorders, and physical disabilities. The National Benefit Authority of Canada mentions this on their website.