It’s okay to be different – Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

  As our education system does not embrace differences, children who excel in other areas such as the visual and performing arts are marginalised. Imagine, then, how difficult it is for a child with special needs, a child who might not perform well academically but might be brilliant at something creative. Source: It’s okay to […]

The Benefits of Art for Students with Special Needs

By Cecilia Cruse, MS, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist and Subject Matter Expert for Abilitations® the Special Needs category of School Specialty. It takes extra planning, flexibility and creativity to make the arts accessible to students with disabilities. Here are some inspiring thoughts on why we should continue our mission to make art inclusive for all. […] […]

The Importance of the Arts in Special Education – Friendship Circle – Special Needs Blog : Friendship Circle — Special Needs Blog

Special education is full of data and goals; “extras” such as fine or performing arts often fall by the wayside in the drive to achieve those goals. But more and more teachers, therapists and organizations are recognizing the fact that some students learn most effectively through the arts. The arts may offer a quantifiable strategy […]